Chuck Lopez has been building custom homes from concept to completion since the 1950s

Al Lopez & Sons began in 1952. At just 14 years old Chuck Lopez helped his father Al Lopez after school, on weekends and during summer vacation with his father's construction business. Most kids were spending their time either on family vacation or just hanging out with friends, but Chuck worked with his father every day and loved it. They built homes from the ground up and many remodels together.

Even as a little boy, Chuck loved building with his father. He got his first carpenter tool set at only seven years old, along with a pair of overalls just like his father wore.

Chuck and his father built over 50 homes in Ponds Orchard Subdivision for the Pond family in Clifton in 1972. Al and Chuck did it all — from the concrete foundation to the framing, insulation, siding, cabinets and trim work — they even built their own trusses!

Chuck has built over 100 custom homes, with about 75% of them being of his own design.After finishing high school, Chuck had his own framing crew and framed for his father and other general contractors. Chuck and Al were partners until 1982 when his father passed away. Chuck was only 24.

After his father's passing, Chuck changed the business name to Lopez Construction & Design and was on his own following his father's path. Chuck remembers a window supplier telling him that, "Being only 24 years old is a deterrent to people that do not know you." But Chuck was determined to continue his father's legacy.

During the bust in 1986, Chuck worked in Meeker, Rangely, Craig, and Montana. He even put a framing crew together and went to Malibu, California where his team framed large homes for the rich and famous.

The general contractors in California begged Chuck to stay and frame for them full-time because they were impressed by the quality and standards he held. However, Chuck's family lived in Grand Junction and he eventually resumed full-time work as the economy picked up.

Lopez Construction & Design surrounds their business with professional and fair sub-contractors and suppliers who have worked with Chuck for over 20 years.

Chuck's father once said, "It takes a lifetime to get a good reputation, but you can lose it overnight by being dishonest." That is how Chuck still operates Lopez Construction & Design… by being honest and upfront with all of his clients.


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Chuck Lopez has been building custom homes from concept to completion since the 1950s